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How does it work?


The TARDIS Academic Platform is available here



The TARDIS project gives you the possibility to simulate and analyze a job interview situation.

To do so, firs of all, you can define the interview scenario and the personality of the virtual agent, playing the role of a recruiter. You will be able to setup the level of interaction difficulty, according to the specific needs of the youngster by combining different behavior bricks, which you will have at your disposal. For example, you can start the training with a well- predisposed virtual agent and gradually arrive to face a strict type of recruiter.

Once the scenario and the recruiter personality defined, the real simulation starts. The TARDIS’ virtual agents are designed to adapt to the youngster’s actions and social attitudes in real-time, respecting the pre-defined scenario. The virtual recruiters can recognize the gestures and the tone of the voice of the user and on that base to “decide” autonomously which action is best- suited in each situation, without following a predefined script. This allows users to train without any social risk.


After the simulation, the youngster and the practitioner are given the possibility to analyze the user performance. The special tool, called NovA, allows them to review the simulation, to pose at the crucial moments, to examine them and to discuss possible strategies in order to better the performance.


For privacy concerns, the interaction sessions will be recorded at the user’s demand only. The recorded data will be available only to the practitioner, and it will be stored only for a limited duration.