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Join the tardis experience

How to participate?

The following interactive videos illustrate the behaviour of our virtual recruiter, depending on its personality and the behaviour of youngster during the job interview. Click on either image to start the demonstration.

Franck, the understanding recruiter, or Sarah, who has a more challenging approach to job interviews, first ask a question to the interviewee. Depending on the context and your answer, the agent shows different reaction. Notice the difference in the non-verbal behaviour. Sarah will try to challeng the interviewee and show less positive attitudes than Franck.

In the real TARDIS system (see the videos in the news sections), the scenario is a complete job interview and the agent select different questions based on its interpretation of the youngster's non-verbal attitude and reactions, recorded by the microphone and the Kinect. After this job interview simulation session, practitioners can coach the user using the online reporting tool (see the How Does It Work section).

Once you completely finished playing with this simple online demonstration, please fill-in the following questionnaire. It is very short (12 questions, most of them answered in one click) but your feedback is very important for us.

Can I become further involved?

There are several ways in which you can participate in the TARDIS project. If you are interested, you can enter our user board and try the complete prototype. But before you get engaged in this process, we would greatly appreciate if you could participate to the TARDIS evaluation through the simple demonstration above and by filling the online questionnaire to help us in the TARDIS design and evaluation.

If you want to learn more about the project, or if you would like to join our user board, feel free to contact us (see the Contact section).