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Experiments at Mission Locale – Goussainville

3-4-5 of April, 2013 Experiments in Goussainville with our first prototype.

In April 2013, the first prototype of TARDIS was tested at MLVOE, Goussainville between the 3rd and 5th of April. The first two days were dedicated to testing the system with youngsters and the third day was about discussing the prototype with practitioners in order to improve it.

19 youngsters took part in the studies (8 females and 11 males). The procedure involved: youngsters filling a video game questionnaire, interacting with the TARDIS simulator, filling a questionnaire about their experience with TARDIS and being interviewed by a TARDIS researcher about their experience with TARDIS. These experiments shows that the simulation prototype was stable and usable in real conditions.

Thanks to the experiments in MLVOE, a list of technical possible improvements in work packages and between work packages has been remarked and will be addressed in May 2013.